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Real Estate Transaction Attorneys

A real estate transaction attorney is a legal professional who specializes in legal aspects of real estate transactions, like reviewing contracts and negotiating. These attorenys assist clients in various matters related to buying, selling, leasing, or developing real estate properties. They offer comprehensive support, counsel, and advocacy throughout the transaction, guaranteeing compliance with legal obligations and safeguarding their clients' interests. The real estate attorneys at Toepfer at Law law firm provide these services and more to prospective clients for their various real estate matters.

Real Estate Transaction Services

Real estate transaction attorneys are responsible for offering legal guidance, advice, and representation to clients engaged in real estate transactions. Their pivotal role lies in ensuring the seamless and efficient execution of the transaction while adhering to relevant laws and regulations and avoiding common pitfalls due to various legal issues involved with the real estate transaction process.

  • Contract Drafting and Review: Real estate transaction attorneys help draft and review real estate contracts, purchase agreements, leases, easements, land use agreements, and other legal documents related to the transaction. They guarantee that the terms are equitable, safeguard their client's interests, and adhere to the relevant legal requirements.
  • Due Diligence: Real estate transactions require thorough due diligence to uncover any potential issues or risks associated with the property. Transaction attorneys conduct investigations, review relevant documents, and perform title searches to identify any legal or financial complications that could affect the transaction.
  • Negotiations and Deal Structuring: Real estate transaction attorneys assist their clients in negotiations with the other party involved in the transaction. They work to achieve favorable terms and conditions while protecting their client's interests. They help structure the deal to ensure it aligns with their client's goals and objectives.
  • Title Examination: Real estate attorneys conduct a detailed examination of the property's title to ensure that the seller has legal ownership and the right to sell. They identify any title defects, liens, or encumbrances that could impact the transaction and work to resolve these issues.
  • Legal Compliance: Real estate transaction attorneys ensure the transaction adheres to all relevant laws and regulations governing the transaction and the underlying real property itself. They verify compliance with zoning laws, environmental regulations, and disclosure requirements mandated for residential properties.
  • Real Estate Closings and Documentation: Real estate attorneys guide clients through the closing process, ensuring that all necessary documents are properly prepared, executed, and filed. They oversee the transfer of funds and ensure that all legal requirements are fulfilled for the transfer of ownership.
  • Dispute Resolution: In case of any disputes or conflicts arising during the transaction, real estate attorneys provide legal representation and legal advice toward resolving these issues. They may employ negotiation, mediation, or litigation methods to safeguard their client's rights and interests.

Residential Real Estate Transactions

Many people buy homes without a lawyer and without trouble. But there are many possible pitfalls, and they are much more complicated and expensive to fix after the fact. Do you understand the terms of your residential transaction? Will you be on the hook if the deal falls through? Is the other party playing by the rules? Due to the moving pieces and anxiety involved, It’s always a good idea to consult a real estate lawyer for any residential real estate transaction.

Regardless of what your real estate agent may say or imply, the terms of your residential real estate purchase contract are always open for negotiation, with the exception of language required by state or federal law. You can strike out, change, or alter any term or provision in your contract that is not in your best interest. You should never just automatically agree to the terms in any contract – You should negotiate for the terms that best protect you.

A lawyer experienced in real estate law and contract review can review your residential real estate contract, advise you of the pitfalls, recommend changes, and aggressively negotiate the terms that will protect you.

What does a buyer’s attorney handle?

Generally, a buyer’s real estate attorney reviews the sales contract to make sure the interests of the buyer are protected in the transaction. The attorney also inspects the property title and/or chain of ownership for any issues, liabilities, or liens that would preclude the completion of the sale. Other documents reviewed by the attorney include those for the real estate transfer, property title, and home loan if applicable.

What does a seller’s attorney handle?

It’s the responsibility of the party selling real estate to sign and deliver all documents related to the real estate transfer. These documents include:

  • The Seller’s Affidavit: This is a notarized and sworn declaration by the seller confirming your ownership of the property. It also details known and/or potential title defects, such as leases and liens.
  • Transfer Tax Declarations: This document is required by most municipalities, counties, and states and discloses the purchase price which is used to calculate relevant transfer taxes.
  • The Bill Of Sale: Any personal property sold with real estate, such as appliances, is listed in this document.
  • The Deed: This document outlines the form of ownership for the property. It’s recorded by your local county recorder of deeds as the information is public information.

What does the lender handle?

If the real estate will be purchased with a loan, the lender or servicing agent of the lender prepares a number of documents related to the financing. How many are required depends on the individual transaction and the type of financing used. Documents usually include:

  • The Note: These documents describe loan terms, how the debt will be collected or transferred, and details of the loan, such as total loan amount, initial interest rate, and how and when repayment of the owed amount is due. If the home loan is sold to another lender, the current lender provides the note documents to the new lender.
  • The Mortgage: A mortgage document is an official record of the property acting as collateral for the buyer’s loan. It’s held along with the deed by

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Commercial real estate transactions are often complex, multilayered processes with many moving pieces. Often, the interests of the Seller, Purchaser, and Lender are divergent and must be navigated in order to get to closing. An experienced attorney can identify red flags, draft agreements to protect your interests and facilitate the transaction at every step to help ensure that the deal gets done in a way that benefits you.

While no two commercial real estate transactions are identical, many require the following actions to be taken:

  • Forming and structuring the entity to purchase the property
  • Drafting the Real Estate Purchase Agreement
  • Reviewing and revising the Survey and Title Commitment paperwork
  • Reviewing and revising the Loan Documents
  • Preparing and delivering all documents to the Title Company
  • Filing appropriate paperwork (such as “Form D”) with the SEC

The real estate attorneys at Toeper at Law, and their years of experience, can be invaluable in guiding you along this process as complications arise. We work hard to anticipate complications, resolve them quickly, and ensure that the process runs smoothly.

The team at Toepfer at Law represents people for all of their various real estate needs. As a client of Toepfer at Law, you will always have access to up-to-date information about your case, and we are always available to discuss your case with you if you have questions. Please contact us through our website, or give us a call at (320) 497-4416 today to schedule a confidential consultation to see how we can help you.

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“Divorce and custody cases are emotional, stressful, and generally quite financially burdensome. Tony really helped me to understand all viewpoints in my case, helped to keep emotions under control, and was able to make quick decisions while in the courtroom. Most of all, his services were reasonable and he helped me to financially plan throughout the process.

He also was able to refine ambiguous language in our documents and filings to ensure they were clear and easily understood by all parties. He really is one of the “good guys” – he will fight for the best interests of the children and isn’t blindly one-sided. You will not go wrong hiring hiring his firm to represent you. I know where I will turn if I need an attorney in the future.”

– Kris H.

After digging through some of my papers, I came across my will and realized it was quite out of date. I delivered my current will to Tony, and we discussed some of the changes I wanted to have made. He advised me on the best way to structure the will and then had it done in no time. He was efficient and not costly. I felt much better knowing that I had things in order in case something were to happen to me. Thank you Tony!

– Eileen T.

Tony responded quickly, and his work was very effective. I would and have recommended him to friends and family.

– David V.

Tony provided excellent service for my legal needs. He explained things thoroughly, was patient with my many questions, and succeeded in delivering the settlement I expected. Thanks, Tony, for your great work!

– Joanne K.

I first met Tony at a networking group and I could immediately tell he had an immense passion for his clients and career. The more I got to know Tony the more I knew he’d be the first people I would call if I ever had any legal questions or concerns. So when it came time to need a lawyer to help with some legal questions, Tony was the obvious choice. His response was quick and thorough and he made all of the legal terminology so easy to understand. Integrity is important in the legal field and Tony is nothing short of that.

– Kelli P.

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