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As top Minnesota landlord attorneys, we believe you deserve legal protection from certain tenants. If you’re struggling to evict someone who has defaulted on their rent payments, violated terms of the lease or taken legal action against you, Contact Toepfer at Law for a confidential consultation instead.

Let’s face it: Landlords tend to get a bad rap. 

While some certainly deserve criticism, many are trying their best in an increasingly difficult profession. Being a responsible landlord isn’t always easy—it takes diligence, commitment, and respect, among myriad other qualifications. And some tenants make it incredibly difficult. 

As a hardworking landlord, you shouldn’t have to worry about whether your tenants are going to pay rent this month. You shouldn’t have to worry about whether they’re going to violate the conditions of their lease or be disruptive to neighbors, and you certainly shouldn’t have to entertain frivolous lawsuits they bring against you. 

Unfortunately, if you’ve found your way to this page, you’re probably facing one of these legal issues. Luckily, you don’t have to solve landlord-tenant disputes alone. The experienced Minnesota landlord-tenant lawyers at Toepfer at Law are here to help. Keep reading to learn why you may want to seek legal counsel today. 

Are you struggling to evict a delinquent tenant? Has a tenant threatened you with legal action? These are just two of many reasons you may want assistance from an experienced Minnesota landlord attorney. Call us at (320) 497-4416 to set up a confidential consultation. 

When Should a Landlord Hire an Attorney?

If you’ve been in the landlord business for a while, there’s a good chance you’ve encountered a nightmare tenant or two. Occasionally, these situations get so bad that they warrant legal action. Lawsuits aren’t the only reason to hire a landlord attorney, though. 

Reviewing Your Lease Agreement

It’s your responsibility to do due diligence when drafting any legal document, including rental agreements. Although some landlords opt to download a basic lease agreement from the internet, that’s not always the best idea. To protect yourself, you need a lease agreement that is crafted specifically for you, your property and desired terms.

Evicting a Tenant

When a tenant violates the lease agreement, you may think that evicting them would be simple. However, that’s not always the case. Landlords must follow specific state guidelines when attempting to remove a renter from their property. 

Although some property owners can accomplish this on their own, you may want to consider hiring a lawyer if any of the following are true: 

  • You’ve never evicted a tenant before. 
  • The tenant has hired a lawyer to fight the eviction. 
  • The tenant is an employee you’re firing. 
  • You are subject to rent control or housing program rules for eviction. 
  • The tenant is filing for bankruptcy. 

Our experienced attorneys are equipped to handle any of these tricky situations, and with an expert on your side, you’ve got a better chance of getting your tenant out once and for all. 

Defending Yourself in a Lawsuit

Tenants can sue landlords for a variety of reasons, including illegal discrimination, injury or illness and major property damage. If you’re being sued, it’s best not to take any chances with your future. A landlord attorney can review your case and provide the appropriate representation. 

Seeking Legal Advice

Busy landlords and property managers don’t have time to learn all the ins and outs of property law. When you’re struggling with a tenant relationship, it can be helpful to get some perspective from an expert in the field. Our lawyers are more than happy to answer all of your questions in a confidential consultation. 

Minnesota Landlord Legal FAQ

Property laws vary by state, and for landlords who are just starting, there’s a lot to remember. Our FAQ section answers a few of the most commonly asked questions about Minnesota landlord and tenant rights.

• What is a landlord registration statement? 

Minnesota landlords are required to register their rental properties in the city in which they’re located before renting them. Failing to do so can make evicting a renter extremely difficult. 

• How much security am I allowed to collect from my tenant? 

Minnesota law does not limit the amount of security a landlord can collect from a renter. However, they also can’t increase the security deposit amount beyond what is stated in the rental agreement until the rental term is over. 

• How much does a landlord attorney cost?

The price of hiring a landlord attorney varies drastically, depending on numerous factors. These include your location, the attorney’s years of experience, the complexity of the case, whether your attorney charges a flat fee or hourly fee and more. 

• What maintenance am I responsible for? 

Minnesota law requires that landlords ensure their rental units are fit to live in, kept in reasonable repair, comply with state and local health and safety laws and are made reasonably energy efficient. These basic responsibilities cannot be waived. 

• When can I legally bring an Eviction Action against the tenant? 

Legitimate reasons include the nonpayment of rent, breach of the lease or refusal to vacate the property after the lease has ended. 

• Can I forcibly remove a tenant who hasn’t paid rent? 

No—under no circumstances can you forcibly remove a tenant from the property. Landlords must follow the eviction process outlined by the State of Minnesota. 

• What if my tenant is doing something illegal on the property? 

There are several circumstances in which a tenant who is violating the law loses the right to the rental. They include making, selling, possessing, purchasing or allowing legal drugs, illegally using or possessing firearms, harboring stolen property and allowing prostitution. 

Toepfer at Law: Protecting Minnesota Landlord Rights

As a landlord, you have many responsibilities to your tenants, and shirking them can land you in serious trouble. However, your tenants also have a responsibility to follow their lease agreement. When a renter’s negligent actions end up costing you money, it can be difficult to hold them accountable without legal representation. 

That’s where we come in. As Central Minnesota’s top landlord-tenant attorneys, we’ve been protecting the rights of Minnesota landlords and property managers for years. If you need legal assistance in landlord-tenant law, estate planning, family law or in a related practice area, there’s no better law office to call than Toepfer at Law.

Contact us online to schedule your consultation or give us a call at (320) 497-4416 to discuss our many legal services.

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He also was able to refine ambiguous language in our documents and filings to ensure they were clear and easily understood by all parties. He really is one of the “good guys” – he will fight for the best interests of the children and isn’t blindly one-sided. You will not go wrong hiring hiring his firm to represent you. I know where I will turn if I need an attorney in the future.”

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