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Custody and Parenting Time in the Wake of Covid-19

I have a kid whom I love to death. He is three years old, constantly happy, polite, and perfect. He can be rambunctious, a tiny terrorist, and the devil incarnate, but mostly he is happy, polite, and perfect. Also, he’s a great model and good for marketing – you might have seen him on this […]

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What Small Business Owners in Minnesota Should Know About Divorce

Getting a divorce in Minnesota requires a person to take inventory of their entire life, including the property they own, their income, their relationship with their child(ren), and more. A court cannot grant divorce until the judge is satisfied that all major issues, from child custody to property division, have been resolved as much as possible. For small business […]

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Retroactive Modification of Child Support or Spousal Maintenance in Minnesota

When parents of minor children obtain a divorce in Minnesota, the final judgment must include provisions for custody and support of the children. This usually includes an obligation by one parent to pay child support to the other parent. Minnesota law also allows courts to order one spouse to make payments for the benefit of the other spouse, known as spousal […]

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Minnesota Adoption Law: An Overview

Adopting a child is a joyous occasion, marking the beginning of a new family. Getting to the moment when an adoption becomes official, however, involves a rather vast amount of preparation. Minnesota family law requires many prospective adoptive parents to meet residency requirements, to obtain consent to the adoption from multiple parties, and to submit to several […]

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Tips for Finding an Online Co-Parenting Tool in Minnesota

When the parents of minor children get divorced in Minnesota, they are not spouses anymore, but they are still parents to one or more children who need them. Legally, those responsibilities will continue at least until that child turns 18 years old. As any parent will tell you, though, parenthood continues far beyond that point in time. This means […]

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What Is the Difference Between Divorce and Annulment in Minnesota?

Minnesota’s family laws use several terms that relate to ending a marriage. “Divorce” is probably the best known of these. Others include “annulment” and “legal separation.” How are these terms different from one another? For issues like child custody and child support, the procedures in all three will be mostly the same. Division of marital property could be […]

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