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Divorce. The word can unearth a variety of emotions in different people. For some, it may be scary, sad, or intimidating. For others, it may bring relief or a sense of finality. Divorce always carries a degree of uncertainty. For some people, that uncertainty arises from concerns about finding happiness as a single person, starting a new career, or going back to school. For others, there is a question of how to continue to live as a family, now that the parents no longer live in the same house…

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At Toepfer at Law, we focus on the most important issue in child custody cases: the well being of our clients’ children. Custody battles can be particularly tricky situations, rife with emotion, tension, and anxiety. Parents often forget that custody and parenting time conflicts should focus on the children’s needs rather than the parents’ desires. Some parties to a divorce or custody battle will, unfortunately, use children as negotiation chips. Neither the parents nor the children win when this happens. Mr. Toepfer knows your child’s needs are the most important, both to a judge and to you. He will keep the focus on your children, and will never use them—or allow them to be used—as means of winning a negotiation.

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Child Support

In a child support matter, the court is supposed to award support based on the needs of your children and the combined income of both parents. However, the court can only make a determination based on the information before it. Sometimes the court lacks relevant information, and sometimes the court makes errors. Regardless of circumstance, Toepfer at Law is prepared to make sure every pertinent detail is addressed, and that your child support matter has a fair outcome.

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Family Law Services

While divorce, child custody, and child support are the family law issues for which people most commonly seek legal help, Toepfer at Law helps clients with many other matters as well. Here are just a few of the other types of family law cases with which Anthony Toepfer can assist: Spousal Maintenance Modifications Despite what you may have seen in movies or TV shows, the concept of “alimony” doesn’t really exist in Minnesota. However, we do have something called “spousal maintenance” which serves a similar purpose.

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Estate Planning

While the majority of Toepfer at Law’s estate planning practice is attached to divorce cases (modifying existing plans to remove now ex-spouses as beneficiaries), we do offer estate planning services for non-divorce customers. Every Toepfer at Law estate plan is comprised of three basic documents:Wills can serve a variety of purposes in addition to specifying where your possessions go after your death. Through your will, you can establish a testamentary trust, specify who will care for your minor children, and specify who will look

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Postnuptial Agreement Lawyer

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