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Finding the Right Divorce Lawyer for You and Your Case

A divorce is among the most emotional and stressful experiences that people must endure in modern society. Even if two spouses go into a divorce expecting it to be a straightforward process, each of them should still prepare for unexpected twists and turns. It is impossible to predict how difficult or easy a divorce in Minnesota will […]

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Selling Assets During a Minnesota Divorce

Division of marital property is one of the most infamously difficult parts of a divorce, at least if you go by what you see on television. Spouses will fight tooth and nail over who gets to keep this sofa, or that lamp, or this commemorative Beatles dinner plate. Some states allow courts to consider fault-based factors […]

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When Does Minnesota Law Restrict Moving a Child Out of State?

In any Minnesota family law dispute involving one or more minor children, the court must find that all orders affecting the children are in the children’s best interests. This includes divorce cases and cases regarding child custody, child support, and other issues. State law presumes that it is in a child’s best interest to have regular access to […]

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Spousal Maintenance in Minnesota: An Overview

Getting divorced is among the most stressful ordeals many people will experience. It upends nearly everything about your life. It can mean a significant change to a person’s lifestyle or standard of living. When one spouse in a marriage has fewer resources or less earning capacity than the other spouse, or when they are unable […]

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When Minnesota Law Allows a Court to Grant One Parent Additional Parenting Time

When a Minnesota court makes a decision about child custody, whether the issue arises as part of a divorce case or in a separate proceeding, it must determine that its decision is in the “best interest of the child.” Minnesota does not define this term, but it does provide a list of factors that commonly affect a child’s […]

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