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Felony Domestic Assault by Strangulation

No matter what you’re accused of—even felony domestic assault—you deserve a thoughtful investigation and robust defense. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys can evaluate your case and present a path forward. Contact us online to get started.

There are some criminal convictions you don’t ever fully recover from, and felony domestic assault is one of them. In cases where the accused is truly guilty, the punishment may fit the crime. However, not everyone who is accused of violent crimes is actually guilty, or at least not to the extent being alleged by the accuser.

That’s why it’s essential to treat every accused person as innocent until proven guilty—especially when dealing with felony charges. At Toepfer at Law, we make it our mission to offer the best possible defense to all of our clients, regardless of charge, because that’s what we’d want for ourselves.

Make no mistake: If you’ve been charged with felony domestic assault by strangulation, you’re in a world of legal trouble. You’ll need an aggressive criminal defense attorney if you want to avoid harsh penalties and jail time. Keep reading to learn about felony domestic assault by strangulation and how we may be able to help protect your future.

Felony convictions aren’t like misdemeanors. As a more serious class of crime, they carry life-altering consequences. If you’re facing a serious felony charge, don’t risk subpar representation. Call (320) 497-4416 to start building a rock-solid defense today.


What Is Domestic Assault by Strangulation?

According to Minnesota Statute 609.2247, domestic assault by strangulation is when a person intentionally impedes a family or household member’s breathing by applying pressure to the throat or neck or by blocking their nose and mouth. The law defines “family or household member” as one of the following:

  • Current or former spouses
  • Parents and children
  • People related by blood
  • People living together
  • People who share a child
  • People in a romantic or sexual relationship.

These cases can be difficult to prove, as the marks on the victim’s neck are generally the primary evidence. Without testimony from an eyewitness, it’s often the word of the victim against the word of the alleged abuser.

Domestic Assault by Strangulation Charges

All domestic assault charges are serious, but they are especially severe when the assault involves choking or strangulation. In Minnesota, this type of domestic violence could result in a felony assault by strangulation charge.

Unlike certain types of domestic abuse, domestic assault by strangulation is automatically considered a felony—regardless of the accused’s criminal history. Conviction will mean considerable fines, prison time and the label “convicted felon.”

Penalties for Felony Assault by Strangulation

Anyone who is found guilty of assaulting a family or household member by strangulation is labeled a felon and may face up to three years in prison, a $5,000 fine or both. They may also have an ex parte or protective order issued against them to prevent them from contacting the alleged victim or be forced to leave their shared home.

As bad as those sound, they’re only the upfront consequences. In the long-term, a person convicted of felony domestic assault may encounter the following scenarios:

  • Fewer job opportunities. Employers who use background checks in the hiring process are unlikely to hire a convicted felon, especially in service professions or positions that require you to work closely with customers.
  • Fewer rental opportunities. Many landlords now require background checks from prospective renters and may deny your application if they see an assault charge..
  • Difficulty obtaining licenses. Felony assault convicts may have trouble obtaining licenses for certain occupations or being accepted into some schools of higher learning. .
  • Loss of rights. Felons lose their right to own a gun, even for hunting purposes, and non-citizens could face deportation if convicted. .

The truth of the matter is that even after you pay the price for your crimes, a conviction like this follows you throughout your life. That’s why it’s essential to avoid conviction.

Toepfer at Law: Top Criminal Defense Lawyers in Central Minnesota

If you’ve been accused of domestic abuse—especially felony domestic assault by strangulation—it’s essential to partner with an aggressive criminal defense attorney right away. The sooner you hire a lawyer, the sooner they can start compiling evidence and building a strong case against your accuser.

If you’re searching for the best criminal defense attorney for domestic assault charges in Central Minnesota, look no further than Toepfer at Law. Our compassionate attorneys understand that these cases are rarely as simple as they seem and want to hear your side of the story.

Getting started is as simple as reaching out to us online to schedule a consultation. You can also give us a call at (320) 497-4416 to speak with a legal expert today.

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