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Custody and Parenting Tim…

Custody and Parenting Time in the Wake of Covid-19

I have a kid whom I love to death. He is three years old, constantly happy, polite, and perfect. He can be rambunctious, a tiny terrorist, and the devil incarnate, but mostly he is happy, polite, and perfect. Also, he’s a great model and good f… Read More
Tips for Finding an Onlin…

Tips for Finding an Online Co-Parenting Tool in Minnesota

When the parents of minor children get divorced in Minnesota, they are not spouses anymore, but they are still parents to one or more children who need them. Legally, those responsibilities will continue at least until that child turns 18 years old.… Read More
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When Does Minnesota Law R…

When Does Minnesota Law Restrict Moving a Child Out of State?

In any Minnesota family law dispute involving one or more minor children, the court must find that all orders affecting the children are in the children’s best interests. This includes divorce cases and cases regarding child custody, child support,… Read More
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Alternatives to Going to…

Alternatives to Going to Court in a Minnesota Family Law Case

Family law disputes present particularly difficult challenges. In the courthouse, a divorce, child custody case, or child support dispute follows most of the same forms as other lawsuits, but emotions tend to run much higher. A divorce, after all, ma… Read More
Understanding the Differe…

Understanding the Different Types of Child Custody in Minnesota

When a couple gets divorced, they have to reorganize almost every part of their lives. When they have children, it means reorganizing their children’s lives too. When you are trying to make a child custody agreement or get a court order, you’… Read More
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